VoyageATL Magazine: Featuring Kimberly Eurel

Updated: Jan 20

Greetings Statement Makers! I have had the honor and privilege of being featured in VoyageATL Magazine and I wanted to share snippets of my story with you guys!

"Kimberly, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today."

"As a child growing up in Greenville, Alabama my mother always instilled in me and my siblings that we should always strive to look our best at all times and she always made sure that we did. I grew up loving everything fashion and beauty. The things that would stick out to me would be pieces that were outside of the everyday attire and considered “weird” to others. It was like playing dress"......... (for full article visit): VoyageATL

"Some of my stylings are for a moment, meaning some women come to me just for a special occasion, but many of them love their look so much that I end up doing an entire wardrobe overhaul for work or their everyday lives."

(for full article visit): VoyageATL

(for full article visit): VoyageATL

(for full article visit): VoyageATL

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