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Great Day Beauties! Meet Kimberly Eurel's "Statement Maker of the Day" - #SMOD, Personal Stylist, Style Blogger - Melodie Stewart. Melodie is an Atlanta native (an original "Georgia Peach"), who (as you can see) LOVES STYLE! This #SMOD let us onto a little secret: although black and white are her favorite, she is no stranger to bold colors and textures. She dubs her look as "edgy, fun, eclectic, bold, funky chic, and trendy. - AGREED -

When asked who/what inspires her look, Melodie simply said "No particular person inspires her style, but her love of "vintage" pieces allows her to curate her fabulous guise to "style perfection." Styling clients off and on for over 10 years, Melodie's goal is to transition into personal styling full time. ALL I can say is....Go for it do have style Ms. Girl....

Great choice of color with this look, sis! Everyone can't pull this off. It's definitely a personality "PULLER-OFFER". Absolutely love this! In the words of Jay-Z "It ain't for everybody"! YOU WEAR IT WELL.

Yassssss girl! Floral pants rock! This look screams I'm that chick. Another favorite!

I'm telling you guys, Melodie is killinem out there! She's definitely "Statement Maker of the Day" worthy. Once again, killer color combo, and the head wrap sets the entire look off without doing too much. SN: I'm willing to bet that Melodie sleeps already dressed, but don't tell her I said that. She never disappoints. I'm a fan!

This look left me speechless, and the shoes are #EVERYTHING! Melodie, you just can't disappoint can you? Anyone can put on an ensemble with matching pieces - it's called fashion, but not everyone can mix colors, prints and textures and make it look as dope as this. Now THIS is called style, there's a difference! Fashion is for any and everyone, but style is your own.

I hope you guys have enjoyed Kimberly Eurel's "Statement Maker of the Day", Atlanta's original Georgia Peach, Personal Stylist, Style Blogger, Melodie Stewart. For more style from Kimberly Eurel's #SMOD , Melodie Stewart, follow her on IG: @themelodiestewart

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"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." —Rachel Zoe

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