Statement Maker of the Day - Jae White

Great day Beauties! Meet Kimberly Eurel's "Statement Maker of the Day" JAE White, owner of @issapopup, an upscale thrift shop Check out her dope pieces today!

Jae is serving in this outfit. I'm so digging the distressed edge denim shorts. The striped button down, that's not buttoned all the way down.........AND the patches on the denim jacket and red bag really give this outfit "POP".....Yassssss Ms. Girl!

Effortless style in this black. I'm going to have to re-create this look for myself. Yes I'm stealing your swag on this one! Does this make me a "swagger jacker"? - I'll take that. This look is definitely jack-move worthy!

OK Coat! Come thru!

A Queen who does her own thing, really understands how to serve, and she does it very well. JAE is really owning this look.....oooh killem!

All white against a floral background - simply adorable. This look is cute, classy, sassy and sexy. Give it tome girl!

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