Quarantine and Cute: Kimberly Eurel Custom Face Masks

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Hey Statement Makers! It's May already and 2020 is almost at mid year. This COVID10 Pandemic has already claimed winter, spring and now we are vastly approaching summer. If you're like me, you want a 2020 "do-over" right? (raises hand)... Since the end of 2019 we have been trying to get use to this "new normal", donning face masks that were once so hard to find, scrambling to get our hands on lysol spray, wipes, and hand sanitizer. Then there were the food and toilet paper hoarders - geesh! Very overwhelming.

Anywho, since good face masks are so hard to find, I started making my own face masks, but let me tell you, its been no picnic. The fabric stores are super busy these days with others like me hoping to be among the first in the stores to get the best picks of fabric, elastic, and interfacing before it sells out. I've stood in line at Joann Fabrics for 1 hour and 12 minutes at the beginning of this pandemic with he line as long as 2 stores down while they were only letting about 30 people in the store at one time. 1 person comes out 1 person goes in, 2 people come out - maybe 2 people go in........I have only 1 word this.......AGGY! But you need your fabric and notions so badly that you have no other choice but to wait it out. Like really, at that point the only option is to continue to wait because you've stood there this long, you wouldn't dare let the ride over and your wait be in vain.

Lets check out what customers had to say about Kimberly Eurel Custom Face Masks

Tiffany H said:
"When you gotta go outside to make some essential moves! Thanks Kimberly Eurel for this bomb face mask!! I love it! "

About a month ago, I started making masks for my family to provide protection so we all could stay as safe as possible from the "Rona". My daughter is an essential worker who works for DOD on Fort Bragg, wore hers to work and from there - in came the requests for Kimberly Eurel Custom Face Masks. I love sewing and being at home everyday, sewing face masks keep me busy. Sometimes I'm up until 5 or 6 am trying to complete orders and then by 11 am I'm back at it to ensure orders make it to my customers on time.

Initially I started with the standard 9 x 7 square masks with he folds, but with the scarcity of elastic, I was forced to use parachute cord or make my own straps so that they could tie comfortably behind the ear or behind the head. The good thing is that I have found the plug on fabric and elastic and I'm super excited about making new style masks. I'm loving making my new style I called the "Mortal Combat" which fit soooooo much better. I love them because of the facial coverage, and comfort of the elastic behind the ears. Next I plan to introduce a new mask style combo which includes a headband so be sure to be on the look out!`

Brea D. said:
"Love my mask, looks great, feels good and I like the fact that you can wash and reuse it. Thanks Kimberly Eurel!"

Wearing face masks doesn't have to be boring! Its fun when you show your style when you step out with the perfect face mask. Kimberly Eurel even has custom face masks for everybody - men, women and kids. Let me know how I can help you with yours.

Dora the Explorer for kids

Alabama Face Mask

New England Patriots

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So how are you guys making out with the new normal? Some of the states have been given the "green light" by their governors to slowly open up businesses. Here in Atlanta, some of our hair salons, nail salons, private social lounges, restaurants, gyms, bowling alleys, and movie theaters have been stagnating their re-openings, while others have chosen to either remain closed or nly allow carryout only. What I'm seeing is that there are some people who still refuse to wear a mask when they are out which is a risk that I'm not willing to take - considering the seriousness of this virus, BUT what I do like is that some place of businesses will refuse entry without a face mask, while others have a hand sanitizing station set up at the door way. I guess the biggest thing for me is that some people still don't respect social distancing and are "space invaders". For that reason, I'll continue to make Kimberly Eurel Custom Face Masks for those who need me. For all others be safe, maintain your social distancing, and remember that we are #alonetogether .

Be sure to check out Kimberly Eurel Custom Face Masks in the shop tab. For every face mask purchase, one will be donated to essential workers. So log on, choose your favorite and its in the mail! I hope you guys have enjoyed my post, and thank you for reading! If you haven't subscribed, please be sure to do so that you never miss an update.

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