E! News Reports Cardi B, Bella Hadid and J Balvin's Statement Looks at Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion week wasn't even ready for rap star, CARDI B. You never know what you're gonna get when she steps out onto the scene, but what we do know is that whatever it is, it's going to be something to get the people gawking and talking. This Spicy Mami is always on fire, even in the winter. Let's not be disrespectful - Giant Kudos to her stylist Kollin Carter. So, what do you guys think of this look? Could you rock it? Hot or Not? Little risqué?

Next up, Bella Hadid coming thru serving in a Louis Vuitton cropped halter with matching super baggy low-rise slacks.....She's definitely got the bod for it....I mean I'm a high-waist jean-lover myself, but I will take a stab at this look...IJS.

Columbian reggatone singer, and 2019 FNNA influencer of the year recipient, J Balvin does it again. With his empty "murse" - as always he shows up and shows out! He is his own style, no if ands buts about it. I'm willing to bet that If someone where to ask him what's his style called, he'd probably reply with "MINE" ......Hey J, I aint mad atcha kid. You rock!

Now that we've all just seen 3 examples of star-studded style greatness, each with different, perfectly curated looks, tell me....... Who's your fav? Which look could you see yourself wearing? We wanna know...

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