A Look Back at Some of 2019's Hottest Fashion Trends and Some of the Style Icons who Made Them Rock

As 2019 comes to an end, and the beginning of a new decade begins, let's take a look back over some of this year's hottest fashion trends and some of the style icons that made these trends rock.

Animal Print

Marlo Hampton rocking this green and black leopard print ensemble is giving us life! The mini bag is just the perfect touch to set this "fit" off. Leave it up to Marlo to never disappoint.

Fashion Inspo Pin

Okay, Ms K! Kim Kardashian takes animal print to a whole different level. Leopard print from head to toe - jumpsuit, cardigan, and high heel booties. You go girl!

High Heels and Socks

Younger sis of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner is simply stunning on the red carpet. Check the footwork guys. Notice the sheer ankle socks with the high heel sandals. I'm loving it!


Neon Colors

Summer 2019 1980's inspired neon colors were everywhere. Thank you Julia Roberts for serving the people a pretty in pink dosage of perfection.

House of Holland, Balenciaga and Gucci.

Yasssssss Ms. Neon green.....Come thru! #slay

Micro and Mini Bags

We all know our girl Lizzo is forever the talk of the world. Known for her banging hits and great performances Lizzo is often bashed for her self love. But being body-shamed cannot stop her groove nor from simply being unapologetically Lizzo. Showing up to the American Music Awards and slaying on the red carpet in this doll of a dress draped in coral ruffles, she really is 100% that Bitch! Check the micro bag - what a statement piece!

So there you have it Statement Makers! Kimberly Eurel's best of 2019 Fashion Trends! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my post. BTW, have we met yet? If not please subscribe to my newsletter for the latest style and fashion updates!

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